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Песочница "Елена" (ABC)

309 300 руб.

Все характеристики

  • Страна происхождения: Финляндия
  • Серия: ABC
  • Возрастная категория: 1+
  • Макс. высота падения, м: 0.57

Сертификаты и ГОСТы:

  • EN 1176-1:2008 TÜV

Крупнейшая часть:

  • 2324 mm

Зона падения:

  • 37,3 m2

Heaviest part:

  • 17.5 кг

Минимальная высота:

  • 2370 mm

Количество человек:

  • 24

Описание товара

Finno playground equipment is a series of wooden playground classics. Finno playground equipment includes swings, sandboxes, slides, climbing frames, spring and carousel products, multi activity equipment and sport equipment for users of different ages.

Linnea is a large sandbox belonging to the ABC family of products, with room for several small playground users at a time. In the centre of the box there are three 570 mm high tables, two of which can feature either a play stove or a car-racing track (to be chosen on installation). The visible face must be chosen on installation, but the tabletop can easily be flipped over at a later stage. Kids can crawl under the tables and peep out through three holes. Outside the sandbox there are two toy boxes for storing toys when not in use. There are several places for grown-ups to sit on the edges. Sandbox play particularly develops a child's sense of balance and spatial perception. Sandbox (3600 mm x 2400 mm), 2 play tables, 3 tables, 2 toy boxes, 3 peeholes, 3 round seats, 1 long seat, 2 short seats